Product Designer

Art Direction, UI, UX, iOS Design, Mobile Design, Responsive Design, Visual Design, Design Systems

DE-DE was Droga5’s tech-incubator that created digital apps and services. As a lead designer, I collaborated with product leads to create visual designs and assist in product development and ideation. Products and features were made and iterated upon quickly, and I had to support each with wireframes, comps, styled UI components, and general design guidance.

DE-DE team getting ready to launch Pling

DE-DE's model was to design new products from the ground up, quickly iterate in the market, and grow the most promising products into early-stage businesses with partners best suited for each.

The DE-DE studio process in making products

Birdseye Mail

Birdseye was an email client made specifically for tablets. I supported the Birdseye team by creating a website that was built around the dilemma an uncontrollable inbox, and how Birdseye hoped to reframe the act of checking email. I also consulted stakeholders on how to best design its next revision.

The website openly called for site visitors thoughts on getting through email.

Pling App

Pling is a push-to-talk voice messenger that helps individuals and groups communicate quickly and naturally. Back before voice messaging was standard for iOS and Android, Pling was the best way to communicate at the speed of thought.

I supported Pling by creating designs for its dashboard pages and revisions to the iOS UI.


Thunderclap helps people with an important message be heard by synchronizing social media across a group of supporters to amplify their voices and cut through the clutter.

My initial work on Thunderclap was creating UI and brand assets to meet its expanding platform and user base. I eventually became Thunderclap's full-time Product Designer and you can learn more about that in my casestudy.

There were lots of lessons learned by having such a fast and diverse product roster. By the end, some ideas remained as experiments, while others like Birdseye and Thunderclap gained traction and became their own independant product.

Product Successes

Birdseye was aquired by Yandex, and Thunderclap spun out as it's own profitable business.